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We are a family run business specialising in the making of bespoke aviaries. Offering a wide range of aviary options, all at affordable prices via a modular system. You can order from a range of panel styles, unpainted or painted. Easy to construct, we can provide you with the aviary of your choice.

We can provide you with advice and a personal service, based on many years experience in bird keeping, aviary design and manufacture.

Not into DIY ? I’d be happy to provide you with a quote to design and build your aviary. Call Andy on 07561 097 635 for details.

A double aviary was installed into a local care home for dementia

Discounts Available for Retirement Homes and Care Facilities

Bird keeping as a social benefit provides movement and motion, colour and noise to those at a physical and mental disadvantage. For young and old alike it applies a respect for nature. And offers a benefit to life’s stresses and personnel wellbeing. It can create a need and a building of confidence and offers rewards far beyond today’s computer games.

We are especially keen to promote aviculture as a benefit to a wide range of social problems. To that end, we offer discounts to retirement homes, schools and care facilities.

Contact us on 07561 097 635 for further details

Andy Brown